Track Online

Use any computer, tablet or smartphone to go online and view location history on a map; no new software needed. Simply login to your account on the GTX Monitoring Portal and the map is right there!

5 Minute Ping

See Invisabelt's movements as pins update every 5 minutes on a map marking the trail. The map will tell you the address, whether it was stopped or in motion, the direction it was headed, as well as the time of the update. Zoom in for street view.

Track By App

Use the free SmartLocator App, included in your monitoring plan, to get location updates in a streamlined format.  Share your login info with other family or caregivers. Multiple caregivers can log in at the same time!

Geozone feature

Geozone (Perimeter Alarms)

GTX Corp's Monitoring Portal allows you to set geozones around your important addresses. When the Invisabelt enters or exits these areas, the GTX Portal sends out alerts according to your preferences. You can customize which caregivers receive which alerts, and you can pause some geozones while others are active.

  • Set Up Unlimited Geozones.
  • Set Unlimited Text &/or Email Alert Recipients
  • Zone Minimum: 200 m. ; Maximum: 30,000 m.
  • Customize Zone for Arrival/Departure/Both or uncheck all to disable.

Cellular Data = Independence

GPS Invisabelt is a simple cell phone, sending location data to the GTX Portal where you can view it. Like getting a new cell phone, it is completely independent of your phone, and can function on it's own coast to coast. It doesn't matter what smart device or network you are currently using- as long as it gets you to the internet. It doesn't require wifi or blue connectivity either.
Invis Jack

Cellular Coverage Details

It works across all 50 states using the T-mobile Business 2G cellular network. There is no way to check a "guaranteed" coverage map for this network, and you may know from experience that there are often cellular "dead zones" created by geography, topography, building structures and other environmental factors. Ultimately, you should plan to test your Invisabelt for good coverage in your area by taking it around the places you intend to use it. You have 14 days to test it, and you may return it if the coverage is not sufficient or if you want to send it back for any reason. After 14 days it is subject to a restocking fee.

If you want to get a general idea of the coverage in your area, you may check out a 3rd party cellular coverage map such as the one provided by Open Source. Enter your zip code, select T-Mobile and check the box for 2G coverage: **Open Source provides an independent, 3rd party map based on crowdsourced data, does not guarantee coverage and coverage is subject to change. Regardless of map indications, you MUST TEST your GPS SmartSole for connectivity when it arrives. If there is not sufficient coverage in your area you may return the GPS Invisabelt for a refund. See full Terms Here. (Customer must return ship.)


PRICE: $149.00     ACTIVATION: $24.95       SHIPPING: $5.00

SERVICE PLAN: $18.00 per month or $49.00 per Quarter (save 30%)