Invisabelt Size

Here are some FAQs about day to day use of GPS Invisabelt:

How often do I need to charge it?

Officially, GPS Invisabelt lasts between 18-36 hours on a single charge, but many of our customers have reported it to last on sleep mode up to 5 days! Battery life depends on how many hours your child is wearing it and therefore keeping it active. When not being worn, it goes to sleep to save battery. *It uses a typical cell phone battery and you should note rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and may eventually lose capacity.

How do I charge it?

GPS Invisabelt comes with an awesome wireless charging station meaning there are no ports to mess with and you don't even have to take the device out of the belt! Just lay your Invisabelt with the device inside down onto the charging station and the edge lighting will turn blue to indicate that charging has begun. It takes 2-3 hours to fully charge.

Will my child notice it?

Yes, they will notice they have a playing card sized device on their body- and they may resist it, just as many children resist wearing diapers or jackets. We recommend trying to help them understand it's their "super belt" that will help keep them safe. In our own families, some kids that were the most wary at first, quickly adapted to the belt and even brought it to their parents as part of their dressing routine. Under the clothes they don't notice it, forget they are wearing it, and stop messing with it. One young girl even wore it through gymnastics class without realizing it!

What’s your return policy?

You may return any of our products within 14 days. Full refund, including shipping and activation if the return is related to poor cellular coverage as determined by Technical Support. Non-coverage related returns do not include your shipping fee and may include a restocking fee. Must be in original condition. Customer pays return shipping. Full Terms and Conditions here.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a limited 90 day warranty for defects. Let Technical Support know if you are experiencing any problems right away.  Full Terms and Conditions here.

How do I cancel service?

There are no contracts, but you will select a payment term for your Monitoring Service Plan during check out, either Monthly or Quarterly. Cancel any time by emailing us at or and we will end your subscription. Service will continue through the end of the current billing cycle (end of the month or quarter you have last paid for.) No refunds for unused service time.  Full Terms and Conditions here.

Do you ship to P.O. boxes? What about overseas?

No, we use UPS who does not deliver to P.O. boxes. And no, GPS Invisabelt is configured to the USA and will not work elsewhere. We hope to expand very soon. Interested in distributing Invisabelt in your country? email:

Do you have customer service?

Our  customer services reps are available by email,, and respond to inquiries Mon - Fri. 9-5pm Pacific Time. You may also leave us a message on our Technical Support line 213-489-3019, x 2. We will get back to you within 1 business day. Skip the phone tag! Email us about your situation and request to schedule an appointment with a support rep.