Safety & Protection

Our smallest GPS tracker, in a smooth, flexible case. No slimmer GPS device! Combines satellite tracking with cellular connectivity for nationwide coverage. Set up geozone perimeter alerts too.

Full Tracking Details

Your Super Belt!

GPS is tucked snuggly into a secret pocket inside a sporty waistband. Size S/M = 9m - 5T, M/L = 5 - 12. Washable, breathable, stay-cool athletic spandex. Your choice to hide it inside or show it with pride.

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Designed For:

  • Wandering Protection for Young Children
  • Kids with Autism who may wander or run away
  • Rapid Recovery from Child Abduction
  • Security while Traveling

GPS Invisabelt - Your Kid's Best Side Kick

GPS Invisabelt is a tiny "smartphone" enclosed in a slim case and waistband. It uses GPS satellite and cellular technology to report its location, is charged about every 2-3 days, and requires service plan – all just like your phone.

And, just like your phone, it works nationwide in areas with cellular coverage- no wandering out of range! Even if they get on a bus!

THE KEY QUESTION: How do you get your child to keep a device with them at all times? GPS Invisabelt is the solution because the torso is one of the few places large enough to place a tracker on a young child. Unobtrusive and discrete, it wont embarrass or bother them like a bulky wrist watch or other attachment.

With Invisabelt, you can always come to the rescue!

Invisabelt Eva


PRICE: $149.00     ACTIVATION: $24.95       SHIPPING: $5.00

SERVICE PLAN: $18.00 per month or $49.00 per Quarter (save 30%)